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Beyond Character: Michel Piccoli and Romy Schneider in Max et les ferrailleurs

A bleak, dark detective story that taps into noir, Claude Sautet’s Max et les ferrailleurs (1971) is more than a “policier” film. It draws two fine character studies: Michel Piccoli’s Max, a former judge converted into a cop, and Romy Schneider’s Lily, a prostitute linked to a gang of hard-luck, two-time crooks whom Max wants […]

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Thousand Words: The portrait of the religious movie by an atheist director

Ever since its earliest days, cinema has, to quote the esteemed French critic André Bazin, “always been interested in God”. Whether it be biblical tales of all scales and budgets, stories about saints and sinners, or more grounded accounts of everyday church professionals, filmmakers have consistently returned to the well of religion to draw inspiration. Many of the […]