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He Wore Black

Henry Fonda gone bad, one of cinema’s most memorable endings with two of the greatest outlaws on screen fading into a photographic memory, and Montgomery Clift bringing in a new type of manly ideal and rivaling the man who was no less than the epitome of American manhood. These are the anti-heroes from three of […]


The Score: The Mission (Composed by Ennio Morricone, 1986)

With certain years come certain musical milestones, soon etched into the minds of subsequent generations. 1977 saw John Williams’ Star Wars; 1960, Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho; 1974, Jerry Goldsmith’s Chinatown and so on. Likewise, it’s nigh-on impossible to imagine pre-1986, when Ennio Morricone’s landmark score for The Mission didn’t grace every chill out album under the […]