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Relationships Between Humans and Nature in The Land of Hope

Shot a few months after the triple disaster that hit Japan’s Eastern Pacific Coast in March 2011 – an earthquake followed by a tsunami and core meltdowns in three reactors at the nuclear power plant in the Fukushima Prefecture – Sion Sono’s The Land of Hope (Kibo no kuni, Japan, 2012) addresses a great variety […]

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Take 3: Andrea Grunert’s Favourite Films of 2021

Some of The Big Picture’s regular contributors share their choices for the best films of 2021. Part 1. Annette (dir. Leos Carax)The tone of this film is set in the opening sequence, with shots of director Leos Carax and the Mael brothers, Ron and Russell, who wrote the film score. Annette is a highly self-reflexive […]


The inner chaos of adolescent life: Sion Sono’s Love Exposure

In Sion Sono’s Love Exposure (Ai no mukidashi, 2008), 17-year-old Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) struggles with his sexual awakening. Sono turns the basic “boy meets girl” plot into a narratively and aesthetically rich film in which Yu encounters violence and madness but also discovers love and responsibility. Sono’s four-hour film explores what it means to be young. […]