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Becoming Akira Kurosawa: Sanshiro Sugata

In an interview conducted by Bert Cardullo, Akira Kurosawa once stated that with Drunken Angel (Yoidore tenshi, 1948), “(…) I finally discovered myself. It was my picture. I was doing it and no one else.” Drunken Angel was shot five years after Kurosawa’s directorial debut Sanshiro Sugata (Sugata Sanshirō) and three years after Japan’s surrender […]

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Identity as an Illusion. Alain Delon in Mr. Klein

Monsieur Klein is an art dealer living on the Left Bank in Paris, on Rue de Bac. Played by Alain Delon, with his good looks, refined clothes, stern haircut and minimal mimic, he looks at ease and undisturbed in his generous apartment, lavishly decorated in rich colours and trimmed with paintings. Dressed in a luxurious […]

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How The Human Condition ignited my passion for Japanese cinema

I began 2016 by watching a lot of Masaki Kobayashi. It was a year that year marked both the centenary of his birth, and the 20th anniversary of his death. My aim was to deepen my knowledge of his work, and to pay homage to a filmmaker I greatly admire by writing articles in which […]

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Lost Classic: Overlord (Stuart Cooper, 1975)

Stuart Cooper’s dream-like interweaving of stunning archival footage with the fictional narrative of the training of a new recruit, Tom Beddows (Brian Stirner), won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1975, but Overlord (the codename for the D-Day landings) seemingly received little attention until Criterion recently issued it on Blu-ray. The film […]