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Four Frames: The four seasons of Lesley Manville in Another Year (Dir. Mike Leigh, 2010)

Mike Leigh’s cinematographer Dick Pope deserves a special mention amid all the praise currently being heaped on the director’s latest picture Another Year. The colours deployed to denote the passing of the seasons, appropriately reflecting the turn of the months and the downturn in the fortunes of Mary (Lesley Manville) are a fine example of […]

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Spotlight: Rebellious Loners – The British Connection

There’s a certain romantic appeal to the idea of the rebellious loner, and many movies have alluded to the notion that being anti-authority, anti-establishment and anti-just about everything is full of Hollywood glamour and radical idealism. It’s generally a different story here in Britain though, these teenage thugs, beatniks, nihilists and runaways often pay a […]