Feature Four Frames

Four Frames: The Immigrant (James Gray, 2014)

To watch The Immigrant in the light of the contemporary refugee crisis is to see the film’s historical context brought shamefully into the present amidst the understanding that mistreating those who seek a better life away from their homeland, often in places that frequently exploit other countries and peoples around the world in the name […]

Feature Thousand Words

Thousand Words: Migrations in the Queer Road Movie

The road movie is a narrative of migration. The characters within these films typically find themselves travelling or “migrating” somewhere new in search of a new home, a new family, or a new life of some kind. More recently, the rubric of the “queer road movie” has been introduced to define narratives which are guided […]

Lost Classic Reviews

Lost Classic: In America (Jim Sheridan, 2003)

Making a change can be difficult at the best of times, but doing so as a way of beginning again following the tragic loss of a loved one is a challenge that almost breaks the Sullivans, the wounded family at the centre of Jim Sheridan’s achingly moving In America. The clan – dad Johnny (Paddy […]