Feature Screengem

Screengem: The Aston Martin db5 in Goldfinger (Guy Hamilton, 1964)

It’s often been said that a car is the outward visualisation of the inner man – the embodiment of everything he is, or at least imagines he is. This mantra could well have been written with James Bond’s silver Aston Martin db5 in mind as it is, in effect, the super-agent himself embodied in gleaming glass and metal. Though only […]

Architecture & Film Feature

New Otani Hotel, Tokyo as seen in You Only Live Twice (Dir. Lewis Gilbert 1967)

With the on-sale date of the first four titles of Intellect’s new book series, World Film Locations, fast approaching (September 12th), The Big Picture here publishes an extract from the Tokyo volume which features The New Otani Hotel as seen in Lewis Gilbert’s Japan-set Bond favourite You Only Live Twice. Tokyo’s 1964 Summer Olympics showcased […]