Wallpaper Wednesday | North By Northwest


Here at The Big Picture we’re all about the joy and power of the cinematic image. What better way then to enjoy this widescreen wonder (apart from actually going to the cinema) than with a selection of carefully chosen movie-oriented wallpapers to download.

Continuing our tie-in to The Big Picture issue 10 ‘Rebellious Loners‘ theme, this week’s selection of stills come from Alfred Hitchcock’s wildly influential rollercoaster ride of mistaken identity – North By Northwest.

Simply Right click>Save as on your preferred screen size to download each wallpaper.

All images ©MGM


Screen Size: 1280×1024 |   1280×800 |   1024×768


Screen Size: 1280×1024 |   1280×800 |   1024×768


Screen Size: 1280×1024 |   1280×800 |   1024×768

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