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Self-Isolation Soundtrack: Charting Interior Terrain with Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild Soundtrack

As I walk The Hemisphere Got my wish To up and disappear -“No Ceiling”, Eddie Vedder Into the Wild’s ​(2007)​ soundtrack integrates all of the contours, nuances, and mysteries of the wild and tamed places and becomes a living moodboard of the American landscape. We can hear the winds sweeping across the canyons of Arizona, […]

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Spotlight: Animal Kingdom

Cleaver Patterson and Kieron Moore pull out their binoculars for a close-up look at some of the movies where the animal kingdom takes centre stage. NATIONAL VELVET (1944) Dir. Clarence Brown When young horse fanatic Velvet Brown first sets eyes upon a magnificent gelding she calls The Pie, she falls in love and dreams of […]