New Release Reviews

New Release: The Green Knight

You may have met a man – quite young – A brisk-eyed youth, and highly strung: One whose desires And inner fires Moved him as wires … -From “So Various,” Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) The role of Gawain in David Lowery’s The Green Knight (2021) offers Dev Patel the opportunity to display a round table smorgasbord of […]


Screengem: The V8 Interceptor (The Road Warrior, 1981)

When Federal highway police officer Max Rockatansky is finally driven over the edge by the outlaw biker gang that mows down his wife, child and best friend, he knows he needs a vehicle capable of outrunning his enemies. Consumed by a murderous rage ‘Mad’ Max heads to the Halls of Justice to collect just one […]