Feature Music & Film Widescreen

The Score: Jaws (Composer: John Williams, 1975)

Neil Mitchell dips a tentative toe in the water as one of the most famous theme tunes in movie history runs through his mind. Duun dun…duun dun…dun dun dun dun…you’d be hard pressed to find anyone – cinephile or casual movie viewer – that doesn’t instantly recognise John Williams’ theme tune to Jaws (Steven Spielberg, […]

Feature Four Frames

Four Frames: JFK (Oliver Stone, 1990)

Jean-Luc Godard once remarked that ‘cinema is truth 24 times a second… and every cut is a lie.’ The silent, grainy footage shot by Abraham Zapruder on November 22, 1963 as US President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas lasts less than 30 seconds, features no cuts, and provides the ‘truth’ […]

Architecture & Film Feature

Architecture and Film #11 Master Shot

The historical epic dates from the earliest days of cinema, with Intolerance and Ben-Hur setting not only the desired level of visual splendour (with budget to match) but also the preferred period. The recreated glories of ancient Rome and Egypt have dominated the genre ever since, although this obscures some notable explorations of other times […]