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The Nest – Interview with costume designer Matthew Price

What remains if people let go of their illusions, or delusions? In one of the best films of last year, Sean Durkin’s The Nest (2020), Jude Law is Rory, a high-risk investment specialist who moves back to his native England from New York with his American wife, Allison (Carrie Coon, in a wonderfully paced performance), and […]

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In Conversation with Costume Designer Vicki Farrell

A film is as good as the sum of its crafts, crafts that must seamlessly wove the threads that spun the illusion that is the story we watch so earnestly. That is why I find that it is fascinating to talk about a film from the point of view of each craft, such as costume […]

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La Gomera: In Conversation with Costume Designer Dana Paparuz

On a little island in the Canaries with very rocky terrain that in times past made communication very difficult in the absence of modern day technology, the locals invented a whistling language, a whistled version of Spanish, “El Silbo”, that is still being used today. That was the idea where Corneliu Porumboiu’s latest film originated. […]

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Cary Grant’s impeccable style in To Catch a Thief

I watch Alfred Hitchcock’s films time and time again. For the thrills, for the visual flair and distinct atmosphere, for the dry wit and humour, and for the sheer joy of seeing style unfold on screen. Today I’m revisiting To Catch A Thief and that impossibly well-dressed man, Cary Grant in his role as John Robie […]

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“Cinema fascinates me and clothes inspire.” In conversation with costume designer Sabrina Riccardi

During the making of La Chinoise, Jean-Luc Godard – the renowned pioneer of the Nouvelle Vague –  fell in love with actress Anne Wiazemsky and later married her. She was his muse and his wife for 12 years. Adapted from Anne’s own memoirs, One Year After, Le Redoutable is structured around Wiazemsky and Godard’s marriage, but set largely […]