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Four Frames: The Wicker Man (Robin Hardy, 1973)

The words “oh God” have been uttered countless different times in cinema, but never with such uncomprehending horror as when Edward Woodward’s sacrifice-in-waiting howls them out in The Wicker Man. Religious intolerance and zealotry have been unfortunate bedfellows for thousands of years and are brought to the fore in Robin Hardy’s cult classic. Ostensibly about […]

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Spotlight: Gods and Monsters – Why the heroes and villains of the screen can’t be like us

There’s a good chance that a rebellious loner gave you your first taste of cinematic adrenalin, because above all, we’re looking for someone to root for. Someone who, whether real or fictional, seems larger than life. There’s troubled teenybopper idols Brando, Dean and Clift, Jimmy Cagney shooting his way to the top of the world, […]

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Screengem: The Wicker Man

Of all the bizarre and unsettling sights that Edward Woodward’s Sergeant Howie encounters during his time on Summerisle – open air orgies, a mother breastfeeding in a cemetery, the Hand of Glory, phallic topiary and outlandish animal costumes – nothing prepares him for the monstrous beauty of The Wicker Man. The deeply conservative and devoutly […]