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Four Frames: The Borderlands (Elliot Golder, 2013)

It’s become somewhat of a British horror tradition to have a plot based around local country bumpkin-satanist types. Elliot Golder’s found-footage debut The Borderlands, with its unfriendly villagers and sheep-burning teenagers, certainly looks as if it’s going that way. It’s quick to pay homage to Kill List (Ben Wheatley, 2011) but swiftly skirts the local […]


Spotlight: What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie?

What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie? Here at The Big Picture HQ, we thought it would be fun to ask some of our regular contributors what their top ten favourite horror movies are. Do you agree with our writers’ choices? Mark Fletcher Horror has been a staple part of my movie watching since I was a […]

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Widescreen: Found Footage Horrors

We know the drill by now: shaky camera, grainy footage, header – ‘based on true events’ – yes, that’s right, it’s another found footage film! Now a horror staple, this popular subgenre takes its bearings from a nasty little slice of 80’s cinematic controversy: Ruggero Deodato’s simulated snuff film Cannibal Holocaust – a film so successful at […]

Lost Classic Reviews

Lost Classic: Jacob’s Ladder (Adrian Lyne, 1990)

Psychological horror has long been the neglected offspring of a genre that too often falls back on lazy shocks, recycled storylines and dismembered body parts. Yet, it’s through this underused sub-genre that some of horror’s finest hours have emerged, not least of which the largely forgotten Jacob’s Ladder. Directed by Adrian Lyne, Jacob’s Ladder may […]