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How film noir influenced the seminal fashion of Blade Runner

Less than a month since the release of Blade Runner 2049, and thirty-five years after the premiere of Blade Runner, I am still celebrating the original. Set in a dystopian 2019, Ridley Scott’s film envisioned a decaying Los Angeles, bleak and neon-lit, with overpopulated streets and striking cityscapes of dark buildings soaring up into smog-covered […]

Lost Classic Reviews

Brilliant Failure: Fatal Instinct (Carl Reiner, 1993)

The parody/spoof genre has gone from strength to strength across both TV and film, but to pinpoint exactly where it began is a difficult task. No doubt its success over the last 20 years was ignited by the popularity of Police Squad, which morphed into Airplane and Naked Gun, and subsequently spawned many imitators looking […]