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He Wore Black

Henry Fonda gone bad, one of cinema’s most memorable endings with two of the greatest outlaws on screen fading into a photographic memory, and Montgomery Clift bringing in a new type of manly ideal and rivaling the man who was no less than the epitome of American manhood. These are the anti-heroes from three of […]

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Fashion & Film: Back to School – The On-Screen Preppy Look of Robert Redford

Robert Redford has made it clear from the very beginning that he came into films because of the craft of acting, but stuck in the business because of the films themselves, which is why he wanted to open the path for independent film makers via his Sundance Institute. I do think his movies and his […]

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Fashion & Film: The Best Sunglasses in the History of Cinema

From the moment I glanced at the mirrored sunglasses of Tilda Swinton in A Bigger Splash, I knew it was time to give my own take on the best shades in the history of cinema. It’s summer and the fact of the matter is that the summer sun is much more bearable in a pair […]

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Lost Classic: The Candidate (Michael Ritchie, 1972)

It’s difficult to pinpoint precisely when the political process finally surrendered to the whim of the media machine and devolved into little more than a playground trade-off centred on bite-sized slogans and soundbites. ‘Playing the game’ has become a damning pre-requisite for those who seek to govern us, as Robert Redford’s idealist-turned-stooge Bill McKay comes […]