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Lost Classic: Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012)

Ridley Scott’s fascination with omniscience goes to the outer limits in his 2012 science fiction film, Prometheus (2012). Often assumed a prequel to Alien (1979), Prometheus focuses on discovering mankind’s “engineers,” while amalgamating concepts of heroes and villains. Scott’s unsurpassable directing techniques are shown through the tiniest features in his characters. Even the unsettling soundtrack brings […]

Feature Thousand Words

Liminal spaces as sites of transformation in Andrea Arnold’s Fish Tank

The tall fence encloses the camp on all sides. Its metal uprights are spiked at the top. The railway cuts along its far side with a caravan, broken Volvo and lonely horse in the shade of the Tilbury flyover. Brambles and broken pallets present their sharp thorns and splinters to all who pass. Mia is […]