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Becoming Akira Kurosawa: Sanshiro Sugata

In an interview conducted by Bert Cardullo, Akira Kurosawa once stated that with Drunken Angel (Yoidore tenshi, 1948), “(…) I finally discovered myself. It was my picture. I was doing it and no one else.” Drunken Angel was shot five years after Kurosawa’s directorial debut Sanshiro Sugata (Sugata Sanshirō) and three years after Japan’s surrender […]

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The beauty of free movement: Akira Kurosawa’s Uma no uta

In his autobiography, Something Like an Autobiography, Akira Kurosawa mentions that since his youth he had loved horses and had spent whole afternoons at the hippodrome in Meguro. One of his screenplays written in the early 1940s was called Jajauma monogatari (The Story of a Bad Horse). This project was never realized, but Uma no […]