Tragic Contrasts in Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight (2015)

Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight (2015) teases out the drama in an explosive news investigation. It is genuine, focusing on both personal reconciliation over a harsh reality and societal corruption. The plot progression of the film is gradual. The introduction is tedious as all the information is gathered, which makes the ending all the more poignant. The story starts […]

Feature Four Frames

Four Frames – Ace in the Hole (Billy Wilder, 1951)

Anyone who thought Billy Wilder’s savagely cynical noir about a disgraced journalist’s search for a career-rejuvenating scoop was too sensational need only recall 2010’s media circus surrounding the plight of the 33 trapped Chilean miners. The sight of hundreds of rubberneckers flanked by publicity-hungry officials and hordes of reporters dowsing the crisis at ‘Camp Hope’ […]