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Take 3: Thomas Puhr’s Favourite Films of 2021

Some of The Big Picture’s regular contributors share their choices for the best films of 2021. Part 4. Benedetta (dir. Paul Verhoeven)We should collectively thank the movie gods that Paul Verhoeven is still at it; with Benedetta, he brings more style, audacity, and wit to the screen than most directors half his age. As the titular […]

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Screengem: The Polaroid Pictures in The Verdict (Sydney Lumet, 1982)

Rock bottom. While we’ve all seen it portrayed in countless movies, have any of us actually hit it? In a scene a few minutes into Sydney Lumet’s 1982 courtroom drama The Verdict, we are left in no doubt that disgraced former star attorney Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) is staring rock bottom full in the face, […]