News: The Big Picture now available on Magcloud

magcloudAs part of our ongoing effort to make The Big Picture accessible to new readers worldwide, the magazine is now hosted on Magcloud – a very nifty print on demand service helping the best new magazines (and some very established ones) to reach a wider audience than standard distribution and geographical limitations often allow.

Visitors to the site can preview the recent issue and opt to buy it as either a pdf download (for viewing on any mobile device) or, better still, a print copy.

This means that followers of The Big Picture from Los Angeles to Laos and all those in-between simply itching to get their hands on the latest issue in print form can now do so at the touch of a button.

Issue 12 – our ‘Big Society’ issue – will be available on the site from January 15th and we will be adding all past issues in the coming months.

To find out more simply visit us at Magcloud

By Gabriel Solomons

Gabriel's earliest cinematic memory was believing a man could fly in Richard Donner's original (and best) Superman. Following numerous failed attempts at pursuing a career as a caped crusader (mild vertigo didn't help), he subsequently settled down into the far safer – but infinitely less exciting – world of editorial design. A brief stint at the Independent newspaper in London sharpened his skills but cemented his desire to escape the big smoke forever, choosing to settle in the west country. He set up the arts and culture magazine 'Decode' in 2003 and currently edits and art directs the Big Picture magazine. When asked by mates what his favourite film is he replies The Big Lebowski while when in the presence of film afficianados he goes all poncy and says Fellini's 8 1/2.

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