The Big Picture goes beyond the borders of the screen to reveal cinema’s unique power to entertain, inspire and connect to each and every one of us.

Aimed at the enthusiastic film-goer at large, The Big Picture provides an original take on the cinematic experience and is a platform dedicated to publishing thought provoking content by new and emerging voices in film writing.

We are a safe space for tolerant views and respectful attitudes and have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech or discrimination against any group, and we look for this to be reflected in our contributor roster as well as all contributed material.

The Big Picture magazine is owned by Bristol-based Intellect Ltd. The company was founded by Masoud Yazdani in 1986 and specialises in a wide range of books and journals that cover subject areas such as film, theatre, cultural studies, art, design, music and photography.

Writers wanted

We are always on the look out for talented writers who have a flair for the written word and a passion for film. If you have any ideas for articles, or would like to work with us, then get in touch:
Thomas Puhr (editor): puhrthom@my.dom.edu 
Gabriel Solomons (Editor-in-Chief): gabrieljsolomons@gmail.com

Magazine contents

Screengems Iconic and evocative objects that have appeared in film

Lost Classics Rediscovering those dusty, forgotten reels that deserve another moment in the limelight

Thousand Words Significant moments in film history

Widescreen The reception of film and it’s place in a wider conte+t

Four Frames A short frame-by-frame guide to magnificent moments in cinema Cameos

Brilliant Failure Films that flopped yet are well worth revisiting

Architecture & Film The relationship between the built and framed environments

One Sheet Critiques of movie poster artwork

Reel World Film inspired by real events

On Location The city onscreen

Music Matters Film scores, soundtracks and composers – a dedicated space for the appreciation of music and film